Covid- 19 Updates

Greetings GUIC Family,
We are excited to be together again, Starting next Sunday, April 11th , in accordance with our state and local government guidelines. As our reopening date approaches, we will continue to monitor the COVID-19 Pandemic working closely with the CDC and health and community officials, it is our top priority to stay up to date on the latest information.
We have been grateful for gathering as an online community through this season together, and will continue to l serve and lead with fresh content from ourBishop and team. our online experience will still be available, you can expect LIVE worship, LIVE prayer, and life changing messages.
During this time, we encourage you to take care of yourself, stay informed, and follow the direction of health officials and the Center for Disease Control.We will continue to provide updates on all social media accounts.

Below you will find the campus-wide preventative methods we are taking as well as wellness tips to keep you and your families safe. We’ll continue to make adjustments to our procedures as new details are available.



In – House Preventiative Methods

  • Sanctuary will be cleaned and sanitized prior to the start of service
  • Hand sanitizer stations will be available and everyone will be asked to sanitize their hands prior to entering the sanctuary
  • Restrooms will be monitored and cleaned after each use. No more than 2 people at a time
  • Seating accommodations will be made for those with disabilities
  • Every attendee and staff members will be screened prior to entering by a certified Nurse.

Screening and Service Guidelines

  • No one with fever, shortness of breath, cough, or flu-like symptoms should attend church
  • For your safety, those who are most vulnerable should stay home
  • Attendees will have their temperature read by our Certified Nurse.  Should you show symptoms, you will kindly be asked to view the service online from the safety of your home
  • Face masks are required to attend church
  • If you have questions or concerns regarding symptoms you can speak to the Certified Nurse
  • Doors will open at 8am and close promptly at 9:30am
  • Please arrive early to ensure enough time for screening
  • Everyone is to enter through the main entrance from National City Blvd.  The west exits will be closed until the end of service for dismissal
  • Practice social distancing and always remain at least 6 feet away from your immediate non-household attendees
  • A member of the Hospitality Team will connect you with an usher to assist you with seating. You will be seated together with your household. Please sit where directed and do not switch seats during service at any time
  • Greet others by hand waving, the shaking of hands and hugs are discouraged at this time
  • Children should remain with their parent/guardian at all times
  • Due to insufficient space for social distancing, there will be no GUIC Kids or in person Youth gathering at this time
  • After service, wait to be dismissed by an usher.  You will be dismissed by row, exiting the west exits to avoid crossing paths
  • No congregating before or after service. Please leave the premises quickly and in order. Please take no offense if others do not stop and speak.  This is for your safety
  • In person attendees can use their personal bank card at a self-service Kiosk by entering their own personal information

Other ways to give are

Check and Cash offerings will also be accepted and can be placed directly in the receptacles


Tithes and Offerings




Checks can be mailed to our address at :
330 National City Blvd. National City, CA 91950


TEXT “Give” to +1 619-350-2335
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          We are fully committed to evangelizing the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and being a community of disciplined believers who are :


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          • Growing in righteousness


          As we stand in Grace and walk by faith we will fragrance the world with the unlimited Grace of God that is greater than we imagined and more than we deserved!

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              The vision of Grace Unlimited International Church is to be a multiethinic, multicultural, and multigenerational center of worship. A ministry that specializes in demonstrating the power of the Holy Ghost and the redemptive work of the cross. A body of believers working together, using every method and form that is both applicable and useful to furthering the whole gospel to the whole of mankind for mankind's whole deliverance.

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